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I’m ready to Assign eCards to my Students

Three steps to assigning eCards to you students.  Make sure you order the correct cards. 

Step 1 – Ordering eCards

Once you have uploaded your paperwork, the next step is to order you cards.

In this Video, the ecard ordering process is detailed.  Please watch the video

Step 2 – Understanding the ecard Process

this is a short video that details the eCard process and how it relates to you, your customer and CPR Training School.

Step 3 – Assigning eCards to students

In the need step you will leave the CPR Training School site and Login to your American Heart Association Instructor account.

Her is a quick link to the AHA Instructor Network Login page.  http://ahainstructornetwork.americanheart.org/

Watch this video to learn how to assign cards to your students.