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Thank you for your interest in American Heart Association CPR and BLS Instructor Training. We are an American Heart Association National training center supporting 1000’s of instructor and we look forward to helping and working with you and your team.

American Heart Instructor Training

You will do most of the Instructor training virtually on our website and a conference call. We can do the monitoring through video call.

The Cost for Instructor Training is $250.00. American Heart Association requires all new instructor to complete a $35 Online Instructor Essentials course.

Once you complete your instructor training, you will be able to teach AHA:

  • BLS for Healthcare Provider
  • Heartsaver CPR and AED
  • First Aid
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Friends and Family
  • Blended Courses and Skills Testing

Instructor Training Steps

  1. Register for Instructor Training ( Below)
  2. We will send you Access Instructor Portal and  Directions for Instructor Training Modules
  3. Order Training Equipment through Instructor Portal.  (We will help you with the Equipment Order)
  4. We will send out the Online BLS Instructor Essential Couse for you to Complete
  5. Plan a Conference Call with the CPR Training School Instructor Coordinator
  6. Virtual Monitoring of you teaching a Class

American Heart VIRTUAL Instructor Training

American Heart VIRTUAL Instructor Training

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This includes $350 for Instructor Training and the $38 Instructor Essentials Course.

Here are the things Covered in Instructor Training. 

 Know what class you want to teach.

We detail the difference between Heartsaver CPR/AED, First Aid and BLS Provider certification. 

The Fundamentals of Instructor Training

Training Your Students

Ordering Equipment

What Equipment you need for each class, AHA Requirements and how much Equipment you need. 


Detailing  the “Paperwork” tab above and down loading Sign-in Sheets and Skills Sheets.   Then we detail the Paperwork upload process. 

Ordering eCards

Once you have uploaded your paperwork, the next step is to order you cards.  

Understanding the ecard Process

Details the eCard process and how to issue eCards to your students.